Friday, June 20, 2008

Many have tried to define spirituality and religion in the context of medical care. I have always felt the definitions are not quite right…that there is something missing. For care-givers and patients, exploring the connection between the healing of the body and the healing of the spirit recognizes the comprehensive character of cancer treatment, and furthers the understanding that both care-givers and patients share a knowledge (as Deb would say) that what patients lose in their battle with cancer is more than simply a medical life.

The fact that this exploration is also deeply personal and frightening and that these feelings have not been identified as a reason for some hesitancy towards the subject, surprises me. Together we will futher discuss our understanding of what defines "spirituality and medicine" and the multiple ways a cancer diagnosis affects the spiritual, psychological, and social aspects of survivorship.


Anonymous said...

thanku for writing this book-I respect you and deborah sSills relationship-God bless her in heaven.

I live in Saudi Arabia and I'll love to buy your book but it's not available here-we can't order frm AMazon any other way I can get it?

a said...

I am so touched by the people who have written me about their experience with cancer, their loved ones, and what gives meaning to their lives....would love to hear more!

Lissette Dionisio said...

This book is truly amazing. Dr. Ramondetta was my Grandma's doctor and she is an amazing person and doctor. This book helped me understand everything that my grandma went through with her battle with cancer. I am truly grateful to Dr. Ramondetta and Dr. Sills for sharing this wonderful story with everyone. Dr. Ramondetta, thank you for all you did for my Grandma.

Lissette Dionisio (Ana Rivera's granddaughter)

S Willson said...

Its true that cancer diagnosis affects persons spiritual and psychological life.